Online Memorial Wall - Remember a loved one and inspire others to do the same.

You will be able to add an image/photos to this profile when you have completed the activation of the wall.

Create a lasting tribute that celebrates a loved one’s life helping you share messages of support and remembrance with family and friends.

You can create a unique memorial web page (URL) which is a tribute to a loved one. This allows you and others to share, comment and pay tribute(s) to their life.

You can have features such as - Obituary, Tributes, Condolences, Photo Gallery, Funeral details, Order of Service, link to Charities and easy posting to share on Social Media Networks e.g Facebook & Twitter.

Your Memorial Wall can be turned on/off at anytime allowing you to be in full control over the content and comments.

Before you create your Memorial Wall, it is essential that you read the following information:-

1Note your website name/link (URL) will be made up by default from the Forename(s) and Surname of the deceased. In some instances the URL maybe a duplicate name so the system will automatically add a number to the end of the name. If you wish to alter your URL name please be aware that your chosen one may already be taken and you will not be able to proceed until a unique URL is inputted by you.

2Every URL will always start with[then-your-chosen-name]. Once this URL is created and payment is received, the URL will be secured against your account. Click here to see payment options.

3It is recommended that you write a short obituary to encourage others to add their tribute(s). There is an option to do this now or at a later stage once you have created an account with RIP.

4When logged into the RIP website you will be able to administrate the Memorial Wall. The website automatically submits added tributes to this Memorial Wall or, alternatively, you are given the facility for tributes to be monitored and approved by you before being submitted. The Memorial Wall can be hidden at anytime from being public (World Wide Web).

5The Memorial Wall page can be easily shared on users' social networks. Individual tributes can also be automatically shared on a user's Facebook account.

6Please make sure your inputted information below is as accurate as possible because as soon as your payment is received your page will be 'live' on the internet.

Please fill in the form below and then click the button 'Please Create this memorial wall'

This must be at least 4 characters; letters and numbers only. THE URL CAN'T BE CHANGED ONCE YOU PAY, so choose it carefully![forename-surname]

Add Obituary - max 10000 characters

Optional Pages

The details of these pages can ONLY be added after the Memorial Wall is created.

This is a facility for you to add your contact details, if you so wish. For example, address/ email/ telephone.


This is so that people will be able to look up where the funeral is together with any further details. —If applicable—


This shows you a Preview of your created Memorial Wall. PLEASE NOTE - the content is locked until the Memorial Wall is purchased.


This will take you to the 'Sign in/Create an Account' page if you are not already logged in. You will then be able to select a payment option.


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